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Keep It Like A Secret
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Thursday, December 16th, 2004
11:41 am
Deedly Dee
well...let us see...
I'm going to Rhode Island to see Jenn this weekend!! She's one of the very few people I still talk to from Clark, and pretty much the only one who I've always gotten along with. I think a small part of it has to do with the fact that we both hate Clark so much...unfortunately she's kinda stuck there. We're going to the Providence Mall. She says it's carpeted...I'll believe it when I see it. We're going to get our pictures taken on santas lap. This should be an intersting mall trip.

There's a lot of people I need to see before I go back to school...I'm not looking forward to the 18 hour drive again, but at least I'll have kate with me for half of it...although she can't move since she broke her right ankle a few days before having surgery on her left knee...not good.

I'm going to ride tomorrow. Mule is all better from his stone bruise...Mule is not a mule...he was just named by some strange small children. I'm excited even though my back is killing me. I would like a new back for Christmas if anybody can arrange that.

I'm really excited for my brothers to all be here on Christmas, but I will be the only one not bringing a significant other. I'll just be bringing my imaginary boyfriend...yeah! I rock.

I have a bunch of last minute christmas shopping to do...I feel like my vacation has gone by so fast! AH!
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Sunday, December 12th, 2004
11:24 am
Long time...
Ok, so it's been forever and a day since I've updated
For those of you who dont know...the readers digest version of things:
I hated Clark University with a passion, and was going to drop out of college altogether. Over the summer I worked for the horse show photographer I met on my senior project. He is a crazy guy, but awesome. Now it's a full time gig and I couldn't ask for a better job, I love it, but I'm on the road constantly which is hard but kinda fun. One of the girls I work with, Kate, told me about the art school she goes to...I checked it out and it was perfect so I applied.

Then I met an amazing guy...Jason who worked at the horse shows I worked at. He's an ex-marine, going to school to be a doctor and as you can imagine...a good deal older. He's 25 which a lot of people frowned upon, but he truly was an incredible person who made me so happy and changed my outlook on relationships for the better. So that went on for the summer, but...he lives in Texas so things died down eventually but we still talk and are good friends. I miss him a lot.

Anyway, I got into the school I applied to, Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia. Kate and I had become really good friends working together so we decided to get a place down there together. After a really long process we found a house, and that's where I live now. Savannah is a crazy place and I absolutely love it...aside from the puppy-size roaches on the sidewalk at night...ew.

I stopped riding english and took up western riding...so much better and so much fun. I'm going to try and work on a ranch this summer if my back holds up.

Two of my brothers are getting married, which I am happy about, but at the same time, I'm kinda down about it. I guess I just feel like I'm losing my family in a way cause it's not going to be mom, dad, and the four kids who all get together every once in a while. Now there's going to be wives and eventually they're going to have families of their own...I'm having a really hard time accepting that, but I guess I'll have to start getting used to it.

Somebody I'm really close to was just diagnosed with advanced breast cancer. That really hit me hard, but it's also made me realize a lot of things and appreciate what I have.

Although there are some rough things that have happened, I would say that overall things are pretty good. I'm really happy with all of the changes i've made...so yeah...all is good.

If you want to see pics go here: http://community.webshots.com/user/jlteti
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Thursday, March 11th, 2004
7:03 pm
I am incredibly ubelievably "sun"burned and I LOVE my new tattoo!!! YAAAAY!!!!!!
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Sunday, March 7th, 2004
7:03 pm
Super mooood!
Just got off the phone with my brother.
Going to Maine.
Getting a tattoo: FREE because my mom stold my christmas present for him.
So then I was like super cool, are there tanning places up there nearby? He's like, oh yeah, and i was like, any that you know of or got to that you would know the prices for? FREE because he does tree work for the lady that owns the tanning place. I <3 vacation and the laid-back bargaining of the cold northeast. You work on my trees, i'll pay you AND you can tan for free cause you're just so special. Yay. I'm in a good mood.
I'm PSYCHED for next year, I can't even tell you!!!
Sarah and Sabrina and I are going to get a special triple. That means we get one room to sleep in, a living room/sexile room, a kitchenette, and a bathroom allll to ourselves. YAAAAAY! I hope we get it!! I told my parents I'm most likely staying at Clark and they didn't really care. I didn't tell them that i'm only taking three classes this semester though...oooops, forgot to mention that.....that's alright though! Save it for another time. I'm in such a good mood...well when i'm not thinking about the flipping situation with the guys...ugh.
Awesome soooo nice Jon who would treat me like gold vs. Super good friend joe who there is a mutual attraction with and we're close, but he wants to get back with his girlfriend in the summer...if she will and isn't anywhere near a relationship let alone one where I would mostly likely not get hurt in. It's an easy pick, I know I know, but I wonder if I'm ready to get into another relationship quite yet...in other words, i'm afraid i'd be too tempted to cheat and that last thing I want to do is do that and hurt people...i just want to do that indirectly....UUUUGH that's still a soar subject. And I just remembered I haven't updated in a while so there's a lot you dont know.
Um...well...joe and i hooked up again after he and his girlfriend broke up. It was a LOT of fun. We had a great night together and yeah, it's been good since then but frustrating because both of us just want to have fun with it, but at the same time we wouldn't mind being together but we're just not ready to jump into anything. It's a weird situation and we're both being somewhat retarded about it, but whatever, I don't want to think about it.
So aside from all of this Sarah wants me to go out with her friend Jon because she thinks we would be perfect together...and something makes me think that too, but I'm just really physically attracted to joe and i dont know, maybe i just havne't been single for long enough...i mean it's only been like...eh, a little over half a year. We'll see we'll see. Anyway, I'm off now! YAY!
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Friday, March 5th, 2004
9:42 pm
Christine Danielle Bascetta
You have officially dropped to the same low as another individual I'm not very fond of. but i'd say you're even worse. You make her look like a saint....

I gave you too many chances. This one was your last.
You've officially proven to me that you have no idea what friendship is, let alone a good one. You're little act is cute, but it's only effective for so long. Have a great time with Derek. Austen may have acted psycho at times, but I probably would have too if I was him. You're sneaky, dishonest, and unbelievably untrustworthy. But now you've moved on to somebody just as mentally unstable, someone who can match your personality...
I stood up for Jessie that night to a guy who I knew was treating her like shit, and you claimed to know that too. I told Derek what I thought of him, I was straightup and honest with him. He didn't appreciate it, but I did it because I care about Jessie and I don't want to see her get hurt. She obviously has feelings for Derek, you know that and I know you do. If you didn't like derek as much as you claim, you would've been right there with me and wouldn't have bothered to give him an explanation. But you made the decision to give him the time of day...your intentions were clear to me from that moment on. So you hook up with him...the guy who's breaking one of your "best friend's" hearts. You get chummy with him, you hang out, and THEN, you tell him MY business. Why you chose to tell him about what happened between Joe and I is waaaay beyond me, especially since you knew the kid was upset about me standing up to him. He asks you for every bit of information you can give him on me, and you give it to him, so he can use it against me and make me miserable. Thank you christine...I'll remember that. Then you claim to go down and tell him to leave me alone...if you really cared about me, you wouldn't speak to the kid. You wouldn't sit in his room while he called his friend to see if I was lying or not.

Bottom line is, you crave the cock over friendship, and you win, that's what you get. So have a great time with him christine. I'm not here for you anymore. Don't ask me for help, don't ask me for sympathy, don't ask me for support...don't ask me for shit, i'll spit in your face before i ever do anything for you again.
Have a great fucking life. You crave drama, and sweetheart, that's what you're getting, so enjoy it.
I don't think Fallout Boy could have put it any better when they said:
Let's play this game called when you catch fire, I wouldn't piss to put you out. Stop burning bridges, just drive off them.
and a shout out to Taking Back Sunday for the wonderful line:
Best friends means I pull the trigger, best friends means you get what you deserve...

Watch your back you fucking cunt.
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Thursday, February 19th, 2004
10:49 pm
Um i'm going to continue hating myself...
I'm a fuck up, a complete and utter fuck up...

have a fantastic day
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12:59 am
So I'm waiting...not very patiently, but waiting...Joe decided to tell his girlfriend what happened...they're talking right now...I don't know what's happened yet...
Here are my predictions:
98% chance of happening:
She stays with him, but on the condition that he doesn't see or speak to me again...you know, like the episode of friends where ross says the wrong name at the wedding..I love relating my life to tv shows... so our friendship is over because he agrees because he feels so lucky that she's not breaking up with him... sucks for me and i'll probably cry in my room for a while because our friendship was awesome...but i'm a total fuck up and messed everything up...i love myself, really...

Scenario number 2:
uhm...I'm gonna give this 90% chance of happening:
She breaks up with him and he's so upset about it and since it's my fault he doesn't speak to me again. again, sucks for me...

Scenario Number 3:
5% chance of happening
She stays with him and he still is friends with me but we promise not to mess around anymore

Scenario Number 4:
1% chance of happening:
She breaks up with him and we're still friends but things are awkward and weird

Scenario Number 5:
.001% chance of happening:
She breaks up with him and things are completely fine between us and everything is hunky dory and nothing has changed and tra la la frolick through the meadows....
Not going to sleep until I know what the hell is going on....
In the meantime, I'll be reinventing the wheel to run myself over....
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Saturday, February 14th, 2004
12:20 pm
And so...
My luck has taken a turn for the better on this lovely Friday the 13th, the eve of Valentines day, two days that I thought I would be dreading...but i'm not! Joe Stat and I have been playing Rummy every night and makins illy bets, so the other night i bet him that if I won, he had to get me a valentine...and I won. So I'm thinking he's gonna choose Levy, but it turns out he has a girlfriend who he's madly in love with...(jeff, geoff, and joe...go to college and have a girlfriend who's still in highschool..it's the "in" thing to do apparently) so that kind of limited us, but then he called his friend who's a senior in highschool and he's coming up here to visit joe and be my valentine...NOW I CAN BE COOL TOO! Yay younger people and stuff!
But tomorrow is valentines day and there's a stop light party at 56 which should be fun. It's when everybody goes, and if you're taken you wear red, if you're kind of with somebody but willing to fool around you wear yellow, and if you're single you wear green. I will be sporting the color green, wooha...Anyway, I'm off now to enjoy this lovely day..knock on wood, and I will not be going into hiding as planned. Bring it.
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Friday, February 6th, 2004
2:26 pm
Apparently, the big man, not too happy with my little letter. In fact, real pissed...my ATM card, my College ID, and my gas card...all gone. Awesome. Perhaps this is kharma, cause joe and I have been hanging out a lot, but we both said that what happened this past weekend can't happen again. So yeah, maybe I just have the most horrible luck in the world. That would be sweet...in other words, that would suck. I thought I wouldn't have to go into hiding until friday the 13th, but nope, it starts now. If you need me, call my cell, i'm not leaving my room except to eat. Goodbye
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Tuesday, February 3rd, 2004
12:31 am
Dear God.
Um, I'm not sure what the hell I did wrong, but let's be real here, it couldn't have been bad enough that i deserve all this shit i'm going through. I mean, I know i'm not starving to death and my family is healthy and safe...don't get me wrong, I appreciate that beyond words. But I mean, really dude, could you just maybe cut me some slack. I'm really sorry about killing that bunny rabbit on new years, I didn't mean to, he ran out of the road just as I was going by. And really, aren't there enough bunnies since they fuck like...well...you know. Anyway, all I'm saying is I know I haven't been perfect, but I mean, I look at some other people I know who are blatantly and purposefully horrible people, yet things seem to go great for them. Perhaps your secretary up there is a little...let's just say "special" and is confusing who deserves what. I appreciate that you are giving the disabled a chance, but I'm paying the price and I really don't appreciate. So yeah, I know I know, you're probably going to send me to hell for this, but I thought i'd give it a try. So yeah, listen dude, if you could maybe just check up on things, and make sure everything's straight, and you know maybe just a week of good stuff would be fine...i'll settle for that, but you know, if you're feeling generous, i'd really appreciate it.
Thanks man,
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Monday, February 2nd, 2004
12:53 pm
I really do think my life should be some kind of teen drama on Fox...
Yet another episode in this thing I called life. So after talking to Joey last night I felt a lot better so I text messaged Joe (Stat) and said "haha, um, you forgot to mention you have a girlfriend"
he responded "I know. I thought number 9 was your boyfriend so it was cool. I am sorry. Don't hate me"
Okay, little explanation...He came to my room before we went out and looked at the pictures on my wall. There 's a picture of ALBIE SEARS on my wall in his football uniform (number 9) from a few years ago randomly on my wall cause we were friends when he first came, but it's not anywhere significant and most of the pics on my wall are guys because most of my friends are guys...second...how on earth do two wrongs make a right in this situation, hahaha, wow, welcome to college...
So I responded "I don't hate you at all I just hope i didn't cause any trouble and that you dont do that regularly. Out of all the guys on my wall you thought 9 was my boyfriend, haha"
Then he says "what are you doing right now?" (keep in mind his girlfriend is there visiting him right now)
So I write "nothin why do you ask"
There's a good amount of space in between the next space...then he sends one that says "open your door"
So I'm so confused and I write back "I'm not at school. had to pick up my car. Isn't your girl with you?"
That was the last response of the night. So I'm thinking...why would he come to visit me when his girlfriend is visiting. My conclusion..his sweeheart got a hold of his phone...i think it might have been her at my door...probably not wanting to make friends...THANK GOD I WAS NOT THERE. Dear god, how do I manage to get myself into these freakin' situations...jesus... I'm just hoping she's gone by the time i get back...
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Sunday, February 1st, 2004
10:14 pm
Joey Gulish, what the hell would I do without you.
So...if any of you noticed, my away message clearly showed that i was upset and that's because a little bird told me that Joe (Stat) has a girlfriend...so I was like hmm...and being the smart girl that I am and having entirely too much time on my hands while being home, I remembered that Joe's roommate has a livejournal so I check things out and confirmed what i was dreading...:
Jay's livejournal:
I love being the witness to infidelity. But i'll get there later. I was sick yet again, so i've missed even more classes. What's wrong with me? But I digress. Yesterday i was sick all day and in bed. No surprise for me. The day went fine, i can't complain. I slept in, and the farthest i got away from my room was the vending machines downstairs. So la de da, the day goes on and i'm fully rested for once. The clock strikes 1, i'm still awake, seeing as how i've gotten about 15 hours of sleep over the course of the day, so i actually stayed awake past Conan OBrian. Shocker, i know. So I'm watching Conan and my roommate comes in, obviously drunk with a girl on his arm. I could only catch snippets of their sweet nothings as i tried to go to bed, but knowing that his girlfriend is only 45 minutes away and i can hear a one-night stand going on only a few feet away from me, i couldn't help but cower under the covers. I was sick enough. So I tried to trick my mind into thinking the kisses and throat sucking I was hearing was me and my crush making out in the stairwell. It didn't work. Ah i love being an accessory.

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK! So I completely break down and lose it and I'm so freaking upset because, let's see how many of my boyfriends have cheated on me? Oh right, all of them, and the last thing I want is to be that girl who a boyfriend cheats on his girlfriend with. Great, so I'm feeling miserable and guilty and I want to fucking scream, and I'm completely humiliated and fuck. So i'm bawling my eyes out and I call christine, but i'm guessing she's talking with austen so I leave a message, then I decide to listen to all of my old voicemails...most of them are from Joey Gulish. So I'm listening to them and missing him a whole lot so I'm like, oh what the hell. Had he not called me randomly last week I definitely wouldn't have, but we are friends... So I call him up...thank god or else I would still be crying up in my room.
He's obviously been drinking and we're just talking and he's being soo funny, the funniest he's ever been and I'm like, it sounds like you're having a good time down there, and he's like, well you should be having a good time at college, and I was like, well I DID last night but then I found out something today that made me feel like shit, and he's like...what, and I'm like, no no, it's not a big deal and he's like, no you're telling me, you hooked with some guy didn't you....yeah. JENNA WHY DO YOU HAVE TO GO CHEATING ON ME ALL THE TIME, COME ON!!! So I'm laughing and he's like, okay, so what happened today. And I told him that I found out he has a girlfriend and I was feeling guilty. So he's like, Jenna,shut up, you didn't know, you shouldn't feel guilty, don't regret anything, it's his fault for doing anything, don't worry about it...now back to the details, what did you do with this guy? I was like, nothing really, and he went on and on and he's like you better not be lying to me, nothing more than kissing? and I was like, nothing more than kissing. So he was like, good, i'm glad, I don't want you messing around with any guys, it's not fair to me. So then I'm like, Joe, shut up, don't tell me you haven't done anything down in florida cause that's a lie, and he's like, okay...i've fucked one girl, (ok i'm sure you're all like...well that's kinda dick....but it's not...too hard to explain) and so I was like, jesus so i get in trouble for kissing some guy. And he's like yeah, because you better not be doing anything more cause I never got the chance to. !!!!!!!! WHOA, throw me a curve ball why don't you joe. So he talks about how he didn't know what kind of girl I was so he never tried to do anything more with me and how he'd be jealous if any other guy got to. So we're laughing and going back and forth and it's the funniest freaking conversation i've ever had with this kid. So he's like, there's so much I 've got to talk to you about. you gotta come down and visit me. So i talked about how I was going to drive down for spring break if I could and he was like good good. So we're talking and he's like...okay one more question...new years...should I have come back later on...pause...you know. And i'm like, DUH, yes you moron. and he goes into this long explanation about how he still thought that I hated him and so he was too nervous to come all the way back there and be shot down. So we're talking and just having the funniest and best conversations and he cheered me up so much and we were both like, you know, this whole situation really sucks, and i was like yeah, but what are you gonna do. and we kinda sighed, and he was like okay i'm going, and I was like alright, have fun, but not TOO much fun, I don't wanna hear about more of these random hookups and he's like oh please, i'm gonna think about you for an hour and then pass out. I'm calling you tomorrow though because there's a lot I have to talk to you about. So that should be interesting, but he cheered me up so much and he reminded me that there is someone out there who does care about me even though nothing can be done about it and we just have to do our own thing. ugh, joey come baaaaaaaaaaaack! I miss you you dork! Blah, Joey you made my nght and cheered me up so much, thanks babe, you're the best. And to Joe (stat's) girlfriend who lives 45 minutes away....If I could take back what happened last night I would...I'm sorry, the fact that it happened makes me wanna vomit, but I had no idea and had I known, I wouldn't have touched him. I'm so so sorry and I know you'll probably never read this, but I gotta apologize anyway.....ugh
Good night.
Thinking of you Joey....
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4:19 pm
Best night ever??
I'll put it in the top ten.
So here's the scoop on the new joe...ugh this is getting confusing...i'll just refer to him as stat. Anyway, so christine and jessie have been making fun of me for having this huge crush on him and joking around with me about him and how on Halloween he was the sex instructor and he signed me up for seven sessions, whatever. THEN, they decide to write a note on his door that said "Hey, you owe me seven, room 314. -JT" ...Thanks guys! ugh. So whatever that was the night before last and I didn't think he would do anything especially since christine's writing sucks! haha, but anyway, i think nothing of it and then yesterday they were both like, jenna you have to go out tonight and approach him and we talked and talked and I didn't think anything of it and I was like, whatever, not getting my hopes up. SO, Christine goes home to sort things out with austen, and I"m with some other girls on the second floor, and then Jess get's back, and I'm like, get ready we're going out and she's like, no, you are, i'm not, i'm too tired and i have to get up early. So I'm like...what the hell! So i'm out in the hallway trying sooo hard to convince her and then, who comes around the corner...STAT!! So he's like, what's the problem here and i tell him and he's like, oh come on jess, but then he mentions that he's not going out tonight either and he's just going to go to bed. And they talk and talk and then he's like...fine, if you're not going to take the girl out, I will. !!!!!!!! So i'm like, he can't be serious. So they talk more and then he's like, ok jenna, lets go. Ok, i give up on calling him stat, you know what joe i'm talking about.

So I'm ecstatic and about to freaking scream i'm so happy. So we go up to my room so I can drop off my bag and he's looking at my pictures on my wall and making fun of my for my pics of my dog dressed up for halloween...it's my mom who does it...jeesh. Then he sees my cowboy hat from halloween and he's like, pleeeease put that on for just a second, and i'm like okay....so I do and he's like, ok thanks...Anyway, so we're walking and we talk about the class we're in together and just small talk, and I mention that i'm transferring and he's like WHAT!? why, you can't transfer and yeah. then we talk about how i go to CT a lot, but i'm not going to do that anymore cause i wanna spend my last semester at clark AT clark.

Then we get to the party and he brings me in and introduces me to his friends who are sooooo nice, and they're like, we don't see you around and he's like yeah, she's always in CT and she's transferring. So then they're like, nooo you can't and he keeps saying all these things about how I can't go and he's not going to let and he's so freaking funny. So anyway start drinking some beer and some more people start showing up and a couple of girls go up to joe and they're all mad and they're like, you said you weren't going out and blah blah blah and he's like, i'm out with this girl here, sorry guys. then Amanda...the SUPER bitch on my floor shows up and she automatically goes to joe and sits on his lap while i'm talking to him...ugh..anyway, so then she leaves and we keep talking and then Ezra shows up...reeeally drunk. So Ezra's like, Joe, who is this hot girl, and Joe introduces me and Ezra's like, have we met before, and I was like, yeah on Halloween, and he was like, "YOU'RE THE COWGIRL" and he flips out and he's like, oh my god you have to wear that hat, and then joe's like, yeah, you were looking alright that night and kinda laughs. So then Joe's like I gotta run to the bathroom and...ezra, be good. So he leaves and Ezra's like, you're so hot can I dump my beer on you, and I was like, um, no!?! and we go back and forth about it and he accdentally did end up getting a little beer on my because somebody bumped him from behind, and joe comes back and ezra tells him he wants to dump beer on me and joe's like...um no...then he notices the spot on my shirt and he's like, what happened there? So I tell him i have no idea and he's like, well that's okay, and he takes his fingers into his beer and rubs a spot on his shirt. He was like there, now we can be matching. IT WAS SOOO CUTE! When christine heard that she was like, awww, it's just like out of a movie! Anyway, so we have a few more beers and i'm getting near gone and he's like ok, we're gonna finish our beers and go dance. So we do, and we're out there dancing and one things leads to another and next thing i know, we're making out. Then a friend of his is trying to get joe to give me to him and joe's like no. Then this kid Buddy comes up to us about 4 times and he's like, Joe, who is thie unbelievably hot girl you've got with you and so all of sudden i'm manwiched and joe has to introduce me to his friend about a million times becaue i guess buddy is pretty far gone, but it was pretty funny.

So then the party starts to die down and we're leaving and he's walking me up to my room and i'm like, yeah so did you get the note on your door. he's like...note? So we walk to his room and he sees it and he's like oooh right, that note! That's from you and I explained that it wasn't me who wrote it, but yeah it was from me. So he explains that he just thought it was molly and amanda being stupid. So we go into his room (his roommates name is jay by the way...are parents just bored with giving their kids original names???) and we're hanging out and we call christine cause he wants to ask her about the note cause I won't explain. So we leave her a message and then I just give in and explain. Then he takes my phone and puts his number in it and then asks for mine. Oh baby, that's right exchanging the digits. Then we lay down together and make out and what not and then we just go to sleep.

So this morning we wake up and he has to get ready for practice so we both go out of the room and he's like, sorry for waking you up, and I'm like it's fine, don't worry about it. Thanks for taking me out when I know you didn't want to, and he's like no it's fine, i had a good time, we'll have to do it another time when i don't have to get up so early. Then he looks at his door and he's like, i'm not erasing that note, it's staying up there. So i'm like alright. Then I leave and go to my room and go back to sleep.

WHAT ARE THE FREAKING ODDS!!!!! I had the best night ever and he's such a great guy and man oh man, I couldn't believe it, but I'm so ubelievably freakin happy. Man oh man, lucks starting to kick in. This month better be a good one! AAAH I"M SO SURPRISED IT ALL HAPPENED!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAY
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Friday, January 30th, 2004
1:52 pm
Boooyah. Alejandro...I think you learned your lesson
So yeah, Alejandro has been telilng people I'm a "bitch" jesus, I like how I try to be nice to everybody, but that seems to be a common label for me....
Anyway, I talked to alejandro last night and reminded him of everything that I did and everything that my mom did for him when he was going through hard times and how good I was to him about getting him whatever he needed and driving him all over the place and what not, and that if he did want to tell people about the relationship to maybe mention those things as well instead of pointing out all of the negative things at the end of the relationship, and I explained to him that i understand that I wasn't the nicest person at times towards the end but that that's between us and that if he felt it was absolutely necesary to mention, that he should also mention that the reason I was so cold and distant was because I didn't trust him due to him having unproteceted sex with somebody when we were going out...I think he got the point but acted all nonchalant and like, well i'm sorry but I didn't mean to offend you. ugh... So then I said that the reason I was mad was that it's a new school and to say that to people isn't giving ME a chance to let people get to know me and decide for themselves and that I thought it was very immature of him.
So then we somehow got into small talk and dear god...it made me realize how happy i am that i'm not with him and that he's such a weirdo and...well good luck to his new girlfriend...
Basically I asked him how he likes clark and he was talking about how the people here aren't smart enough for him and he can't have a conversation with anybody about politics or anything intellectual because they don't know anything and that he can't talk with them because they haven't done as much as he has with his life...I wanted to vomit on him and be like, GET OVER YOURSELF! He was like, I know that sounds arrogant, and I said..well alejandro, it is arrogant, but okay. Then he talked about how his roommate is kinda weird, but he has a car and lots of money so he gets to take advantage of that...
Then he started talking about politics and all of that nonsense and I was so proud I proved him wrong!!! He was talking about the "international court" and suddham hussein and how he should be tried in one and I was like..umm...there is no "official" international court because the U.S. won't sign. He just shut up... I was like, how's that for intellectual. So anyway, it was ridiculous and all of the things that I couldn't stand about him just sprung out of him and I just thought, dear god I really can't stand him.
Anyway, the whole reason this happened is because a girl in one of my classes who I"m friends with needed one of the books for the class, and she was with another of her friends so they came to my room. And my friend sarah (who was friends with alejandro and so was her friend) looks at the wall and she's like, it's so weird seeing pictures of you and alejandro on the wall. And the other girl was like, wait, why do you have pictures of him, so I said, well, he's my ex-boyfriend. And she said "you're jenna!?" and I said yeah and she said "you're nothing like he described you! You're so nice and sweet!" So I kind of looked at her funny and she said "yeah he's been telling me and other people that you're such a bitch" and then sarah kind of looked at me and nodded. So the girl got all huffy and she was like, I knew he had to be lying and she explained why she isn't friends with him anymore and get this, here were her reasons.
1. "He lectures me on all of these things that are really intellectual and stuff, but he doesn't let people ever get a word in and it's stuff you're really not interested in or care about, and so when people act disinterested he thinks they aren't as smart as him." ...oh baby do i remember those dreadful conversations
2. "He can be an ass to you but if you ever do anything to him he flips out." Also familiar...next
3. ""He's not appreciative when you do him a favor and he even forgets to say thank you a lot which is okay once in a while, but for big things he even doesn't say anything..." If I had a dime for everytime I did something for him and he never thanked me I would be rich as fuck. Also, anything I did do for him, never seemed to be good enough...makes you not wanna do shit for somebody, but I did, regret it now.
That's all I can really remember right now, but..hmm...sound familiar???? ugh. what a jerk... I know I've said before that he was such a huge part of my life and I don't want to just let it all go, but I do. He's such an ass. I hope he has fun with Noami, who I just found out he started going out with this summer...way to give the breakup some time...and that he fucked some spanish girl he met at the pool at his apartment in boston this summer as well...guess she was the one of the girls "that would be willing to fuck him" that he needed to point out when I was trying to break up with him and therefore making me break up with him. You're a sweetheart alejandro...one word for you: Rot!
here's to being a little more careful picking the next boyfriend! Boys, be careful with the word "love"...not to be used lightly...especially if all you care about is sex...asshole...

On a happier note, last night hot Joe (aka "stat boy") ran into me at the dorm door and stared at me and was like "hi" it was so funny and then today in class I sat in the same row as him and christine caught him lean over to "adjust his backpack" and get a good look at me. I am a giddy schoolgirl! BAAAAH.

Anyway, I'm going now. Alejandro: Fuck you. I know it seems like we left on good terms last night and you said you'd like to hang out, but if you are as smart as you claim you are, you'll know better than to ever be in my presence again. I'll bury you in my memory...i'd advise you to do the same.
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Thursday, January 29th, 2004
4:50 pm
So Christine and I walk into the hall coming back from class and there's a group of girls sitting in the middle of the hall and they're talking about gay marriages. We walk by smile at them, say hi and keep walking, and one of the girls is like, we need another opinion, let's ask them...one of the other girls said, um, the only thing those bitches are thinking about is the next time they get to go shopping...
So christine and i both turned around in astonishment. I don't even know the girl! I couldn't believe it, and I had just been so friendly and I never give ANYBODY any attitude except the snobby girls on my floor who give me dirty looks, but not people I don't know and have never done anything to. So we went into christine's room and she starts crying and i'm like, wow that was bitchy. I really don't get it. like, we both dress nicely, but there are people walking around wearing designer clothes and carrying designer bags and people who are wearing outfits straight out of vogue, so I don't understand how we come off as "bitches" who only think about shopping. I was honestly astonished and it made me want to get out of here real bad. Ugh.
I'm so excited about going to St. Lawrence...I mean I love my group of friends, but as far as everybody else goes...nuts to them. That was so low and uncalled for. Blah. i'm going now to "think about shopping" because apparently that's all i do.
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12:31 am
For those of you who didn't get my last post...Joes in my life
Grandfather: joseph
Dad: john joseph
brother: john joseph

Guys this year:
Joe page
Joe Gulish
Tried to stir things up with "Jay" how adventurous
Eric Joseph Versteeg
and now the new joe

friends named joe
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Wednesday, January 28th, 2004
11:57 am
give me a J!
Today was look pretty for the hot guy in my class day. I know nothing about him other than on Halloween his costume was Dr. Orgasm and he was having sign-ups.... But where i'm really going with this is that Christine was like, dude, we'll hunt him down for you and I was like, well we don't even know his name...so we dash to our rooms to look at the face book...ready for this???
His name is Joe! WHAT THE FUUUUUUCK!?!?! I honestly don't know what it is with that name, and I swear i didn't know his name before so it's not like some subconscious psychotic thing, but jesus h. christ, I went from Alejandro to...Joe. So, if you want to get to know me, you know, just change your freaking name...dear god somebody shoot me...
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Friday, January 23rd, 2004
10:49 pm
Pull some shit one more time christine and I swear...
So tonight I hung out with Sabrina and a couple of other people in my room. So then everyone left and Sabrina was going to visit some guy in another dorm. So i'm sitting on my computer and i'm talking to christine and i'm like, i'm bored and she's like me too, we should do something. So she thinks and thinks and finally we pretty much bag the idea because there's nothing to do. SO then somebody asks me if i want to go smoke, which i do because i'm bored...don't get mad guys i hardly ever do it. anyway, so to be polite to christine because i feel bad ditching her, i'm like, do you wanna come, knowing very well that she'll say no, and she does. Okay great. so i'm talking to people trying to work shit out and austen IM's me.
shwilly777: your a moron
saveface86: why
shwilly777: you tell me
shwilly777: why would you ask my girlfriend something like that?

WHAT THE FUCK! Christine you are such a fucking rat. Austen doesn't want her to drink or smoke without her cause he's afraid she'll cheat on him. So he gets all pissed at me for asking her to and i'm like, dude, it was only to be polite, you know i would never let her do that.
I know that she fucking hates the fact that i'm close with austen, so i know damn well she did that to get him mad at me. I don't see any other reason why it would be important information. What makes me even more pissed off is that her usual excuse for lying is that "she just forgot to mention certain things." I think it's interesting how she remembers to tell him that i asked her, but she's failed to mention when she's drunk or smoked while she's been here. Very interesting...
Fuck you christine, karma's a bitch, and you've got a lot coming your way.
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2:42 pm
Joey Gulish called! It was so exciting! I miss him. He's in Florida. He's so hot. He's such a good kisser...he's so cool. JOEY GULISH COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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12:39 pm
Wam a lam a ding dong...
I'm sooo bored right now. Clark isn't all that bad right now, but I still can't wait to transfer. Sabrina and I are doing a lot of fun stuff with the girls on my floor...the cool ones at least. It's been a lot of fun. We also have madatory tv shows that we MUST watch. So far on our list is American Idol, the OC, Real World, Friends, Newlyweds...all of those quality shows haha, but it's been fun and we've been having a lot of people join us so yeah, it's been fun. I miss you proctor people though. I had so much fun with all of you guys. I MISS YOU!!!! I <3 Jeff, Geoff, Taylor, Joe. woot. Well, i'm off to a wedding tomorrow and i have a ton of work to do and a ton of stuff to do for applications...wawa. I saw two hot guys in class today...it was almost overwhelming because i was beginning to think that there weren't any here. I almost fainted. And it's in my most boring class that's taught by a fem-nazi..unfortunately we sit in rows so it makes the staring at very difficult....
Well i'm off to lunch with eva and sabrina to eat food that makes my stomach upset...WICKED!
Love you all
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