Stand By Your Man (letsfaceit) wrote,
Stand By Your Man

Pull some shit one more time christine and I swear...
So tonight I hung out with Sabrina and a couple of other people in my room. So then everyone left and Sabrina was going to visit some guy in another dorm. So i'm sitting on my computer and i'm talking to christine and i'm like, i'm bored and she's like me too, we should do something. So she thinks and thinks and finally we pretty much bag the idea because there's nothing to do. SO then somebody asks me if i want to go smoke, which i do because i'm bored...don't get mad guys i hardly ever do it. anyway, so to be polite to christine because i feel bad ditching her, i'm like, do you wanna come, knowing very well that she'll say no, and she does. Okay great. so i'm talking to people trying to work shit out and austen IM's me.
shwilly777: your a moron
saveface86: why
shwilly777: you tell me
shwilly777: why would you ask my girlfriend something like that?

WHAT THE FUCK! Christine you are such a fucking rat. Austen doesn't want her to drink or smoke without her cause he's afraid she'll cheat on him. So he gets all pissed at me for asking her to and i'm like, dude, it was only to be polite, you know i would never let her do that.
I know that she fucking hates the fact that i'm close with austen, so i know damn well she did that to get him mad at me. I don't see any other reason why it would be important information. What makes me even more pissed off is that her usual excuse for lying is that "she just forgot to mention certain things." I think it's interesting how she remembers to tell him that i asked her, but she's failed to mention when she's drunk or smoked while she's been here. Very interesting...
Fuck you christine, karma's a bitch, and you've got a lot coming your way.
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