Stand By Your Man (letsfaceit) wrote,
Stand By Your Man


So Christine and I walk into the hall coming back from class and there's a group of girls sitting in the middle of the hall and they're talking about gay marriages. We walk by smile at them, say hi and keep walking, and one of the girls is like, we need another opinion, let's ask of the other girls said, um, the only thing those bitches are thinking about is the next time they get to go shopping...
So christine and i both turned around in astonishment. I don't even know the girl! I couldn't believe it, and I had just been so friendly and I never give ANYBODY any attitude except the snobby girls on my floor who give me dirty looks, but not people I don't know and have never done anything to. So we went into christine's room and she starts crying and i'm like, wow that was bitchy. I really don't get it. like, we both dress nicely, but there are people walking around wearing designer clothes and carrying designer bags and people who are wearing outfits straight out of vogue, so I don't understand how we come off as "bitches" who only think about shopping. I was honestly astonished and it made me want to get out of here real bad. Ugh.
I'm so excited about going to St. Lawrence...I mean I love my group of friends, but as far as everybody else goes...nuts to them. That was so low and uncalled for. Blah. i'm going now to "think about shopping" because apparently that's all i do.
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