Stand By Your Man (letsfaceit) wrote,
Stand By Your Man

Best night ever??

I'll put it in the top ten.
So here's the scoop on the new joe...ugh this is getting confusing...i'll just refer to him as stat. Anyway, so christine and jessie have been making fun of me for having this huge crush on him and joking around with me about him and how on Halloween he was the sex instructor and he signed me up for seven sessions, whatever. THEN, they decide to write a note on his door that said "Hey, you owe me seven, room 314. -JT" ...Thanks guys! ugh. So whatever that was the night before last and I didn't think he would do anything especially since christine's writing sucks! haha, but anyway, i think nothing of it and then yesterday they were both like, jenna you have to go out tonight and approach him and we talked and talked and I didn't think anything of it and I was like, whatever, not getting my hopes up. SO, Christine goes home to sort things out with austen, and I"m with some other girls on the second floor, and then Jess get's back, and I'm like, get ready we're going out and she's like, no, you are, i'm not, i'm too tired and i have to get up early. So I'm like...what the hell! So i'm out in the hallway trying sooo hard to convince her and then, who comes around the corner...STAT!! So he's like, what's the problem here and i tell him and he's like, oh come on jess, but then he mentions that he's not going out tonight either and he's just going to go to bed. And they talk and talk and then he's like...fine, if you're not going to take the girl out, I will. !!!!!!!! So i'm like, he can't be serious. So they talk more and then he's like, ok jenna, lets go. Ok, i give up on calling him stat, you know what joe i'm talking about.

So I'm ecstatic and about to freaking scream i'm so happy. So we go up to my room so I can drop off my bag and he's looking at my pictures on my wall and making fun of my for my pics of my dog dressed up for's my mom who does it...jeesh. Then he sees my cowboy hat from halloween and he's like, pleeeease put that on for just a second, and i'm like I do and he's like, ok thanks...Anyway, so we're walking and we talk about the class we're in together and just small talk, and I mention that i'm transferring and he's like WHAT!? why, you can't transfer and yeah. then we talk about how i go to CT a lot, but i'm not going to do that anymore cause i wanna spend my last semester at clark AT clark.

Then we get to the party and he brings me in and introduces me to his friends who are sooooo nice, and they're like, we don't see you around and he's like yeah, she's always in CT and she's transferring. So then they're like, nooo you can't and he keeps saying all these things about how I can't go and he's not going to let and he's so freaking funny. So anyway start drinking some beer and some more people start showing up and a couple of girls go up to joe and they're all mad and they're like, you said you weren't going out and blah blah blah and he's like, i'm out with this girl here, sorry guys. then Amanda...the SUPER bitch on my floor shows up and she automatically goes to joe and sits on his lap while i'm talking to him...ugh..anyway, so then she leaves and we keep talking and then Ezra shows up...reeeally drunk. So Ezra's like, Joe, who is this hot girl, and Joe introduces me and Ezra's like, have we met before, and I was like, yeah on Halloween, and he was like, "YOU'RE THE COWGIRL" and he flips out and he's like, oh my god you have to wear that hat, and then joe's like, yeah, you were looking alright that night and kinda laughs. So then Joe's like I gotta run to the bathroom and...ezra, be good. So he leaves and Ezra's like, you're so hot can I dump my beer on you, and I was like, um, no!?! and we go back and forth about it and he accdentally did end up getting a little beer on my because somebody bumped him from behind, and joe comes back and ezra tells him he wants to dump beer on me and joe's no...then he notices the spot on my shirt and he's like, what happened there? So I tell him i have no idea and he's like, well that's okay, and he takes his fingers into his beer and rubs a spot on his shirt. He was like there, now we can be matching. IT WAS SOOO CUTE! When christine heard that she was like, awww, it's just like out of a movie! Anyway, so we have a few more beers and i'm getting near gone and he's like ok, we're gonna finish our beers and go dance. So we do, and we're out there dancing and one things leads to another and next thing i know, we're making out. Then a friend of his is trying to get joe to give me to him and joe's like no. Then this kid Buddy comes up to us about 4 times and he's like, Joe, who is thie unbelievably hot girl you've got with you and so all of sudden i'm manwiched and joe has to introduce me to his friend about a million times becaue i guess buddy is pretty far gone, but it was pretty funny.

So then the party starts to die down and we're leaving and he's walking me up to my room and i'm like, yeah so did you get the note on your door. he's like...note? So we walk to his room and he sees it and he's like oooh right, that note! That's from you and I explained that it wasn't me who wrote it, but yeah it was from me. So he explains that he just thought it was molly and amanda being stupid. So we go into his room (his roommates name is jay by the way...are parents just bored with giving their kids original names???) and we're hanging out and we call christine cause he wants to ask her about the note cause I won't explain. So we leave her a message and then I just give in and explain. Then he takes my phone and puts his number in it and then asks for mine. Oh baby, that's right exchanging the digits. Then we lay down together and make out and what not and then we just go to sleep.

So this morning we wake up and he has to get ready for practice so we both go out of the room and he's like, sorry for waking you up, and I'm like it's fine, don't worry about it. Thanks for taking me out when I know you didn't want to, and he's like no it's fine, i had a good time, we'll have to do it another time when i don't have to get up so early. Then he looks at his door and he's like, i'm not erasing that note, it's staying up there. So i'm like alright. Then I leave and go to my room and go back to sleep.

WHAT ARE THE FREAKING ODDS!!!!! I had the best night ever and he's such a great guy and man oh man, I couldn't believe it, but I'm so ubelievably freakin happy. Man oh man, lucks starting to kick in. This month better be a good one! AAAH I"M SO SURPRISED IT ALL HAPPENED!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAY
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