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Joey Gulish, what the hell would I do without you.
So...if any of you noticed, my away message clearly showed that i was upset and that's because a little bird told me that Joe (Stat) has a I was like hmm...and being the smart girl that I am and having entirely too much time on my hands while being home, I remembered that Joe's roommate has a livejournal so I check things out and confirmed what i was dreading...:
Jay's livejournal:
I love being the witness to infidelity. But i'll get there later. I was sick yet again, so i've missed even more classes. What's wrong with me? But I digress. Yesterday i was sick all day and in bed. No surprise for me. The day went fine, i can't complain. I slept in, and the farthest i got away from my room was the vending machines downstairs. So la de da, the day goes on and i'm fully rested for once. The clock strikes 1, i'm still awake, seeing as how i've gotten about 15 hours of sleep over the course of the day, so i actually stayed awake past Conan OBrian. Shocker, i know. So I'm watching Conan and my roommate comes in, obviously drunk with a girl on his arm. I could only catch snippets of their sweet nothings as i tried to go to bed, but knowing that his girlfriend is only 45 minutes away and i can hear a one-night stand going on only a few feet away from me, i couldn't help but cower under the covers. I was sick enough. So I tried to trick my mind into thinking the kisses and throat sucking I was hearing was me and my crush making out in the stairwell. It didn't work. Ah i love being an accessory.

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK! So I completely break down and lose it and I'm so freaking upset because, let's see how many of my boyfriends have cheated on me? Oh right, all of them, and the last thing I want is to be that girl who a boyfriend cheats on his girlfriend with. Great, so I'm feeling miserable and guilty and I want to fucking scream, and I'm completely humiliated and fuck. So i'm bawling my eyes out and I call christine, but i'm guessing she's talking with austen so I leave a message, then I decide to listen to all of my old voicemails...most of them are from Joey Gulish. So I'm listening to them and missing him a whole lot so I'm like, oh what the hell. Had he not called me randomly last week I definitely wouldn't have, but we are friends... So I call him up...thank god or else I would still be crying up in my room.
He's obviously been drinking and we're just talking and he's being soo funny, the funniest he's ever been and I'm like, it sounds like you're having a good time down there, and he's like, well you should be having a good time at college, and I was like, well I DID last night but then I found out something today that made me feel like shit, and he's like...what, and I'm like, no no, it's not a big deal and he's like, no you're telling me, you hooked with some guy didn't you....yeah. JENNA WHY DO YOU HAVE TO GO CHEATING ON ME ALL THE TIME, COME ON!!! So I'm laughing and he's like, okay, so what happened today. And I told him that I found out he has a girlfriend and I was feeling guilty. So he's like, Jenna,shut up, you didn't know, you shouldn't feel guilty, don't regret anything, it's his fault for doing anything, don't worry about back to the details, what did you do with this guy? I was like, nothing really, and he went on and on and he's like you better not be lying to me, nothing more than kissing? and I was like, nothing more than kissing. So he was like, good, i'm glad, I don't want you messing around with any guys, it's not fair to me. So then I'm like, Joe, shut up, don't tell me you haven't done anything down in florida cause that's a lie, and he's like, okay...i've fucked one girl, (ok i'm sure you're all like...well that's kinda dick....but it's not...too hard to explain) and so I was like, jesus so i get in trouble for kissing some guy. And he's like yeah, because you better not be doing anything more cause I never got the chance to. !!!!!!!! WHOA, throw me a curve ball why don't you joe. So he talks about how he didn't know what kind of girl I was so he never tried to do anything more with me and how he'd be jealous if any other guy got to. So we're laughing and going back and forth and it's the funniest freaking conversation i've ever had with this kid. So he's like, there's so much I 've got to talk to you about. you gotta come down and visit me. So i talked about how I was going to drive down for spring break if I could and he was like good good. So we're talking and he's like...okay one more years...should I have come back later know. And i'm like, DUH, yes you moron. and he goes into this long explanation about how he still thought that I hated him and so he was too nervous to come all the way back there and be shot down. So we're talking and just having the funniest and best conversations and he cheered me up so much and we were both like, you know, this whole situation really sucks, and i was like yeah, but what are you gonna do. and we kinda sighed, and he was like okay i'm going, and I was like alright, have fun, but not TOO much fun, I don't wanna hear about more of these random hookups and he's like oh please, i'm gonna think about you for an hour and then pass out. I'm calling you tomorrow though because there's a lot I have to talk to you about. So that should be interesting, but he cheered me up so much and he reminded me that there is someone out there who does care about me even though nothing can be done about it and we just have to do our own thing. ugh, joey come baaaaaaaaaaaack! I miss you you dork! Blah, Joey you made my nght and cheered me up so much, thanks babe, you're the best. And to Joe (stat's) girlfriend who lives 45 minutes away....If I could take back what happened last night I would...I'm sorry, the fact that it happened makes me wanna vomit, but I had no idea and had I known, I wouldn't have touched him. I'm so so sorry and I know you'll probably never read this, but I gotta apologize anyway.....ugh
Good night.
Thinking of you Joey....
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