Stand By Your Man (letsfaceit) wrote,
Stand By Your Man

And so...

My luck has taken a turn for the better on this lovely Friday the 13th, the eve of Valentines day, two days that I thought I would be dreading...but i'm not! Joe Stat and I have been playing Rummy every night and makins illy bets, so the other night i bet him that if I won, he had to get me a valentine...and I won. So I'm thinking he's gonna choose Levy, but it turns out he has a girlfriend who he's madly in love with...(jeff, geoff, and joe...go to college and have a girlfriend who's still in's the "in" thing to do apparently) so that kind of limited us, but then he called his friend who's a senior in highschool and he's coming up here to visit joe and be my valentine...NOW I CAN BE COOL TOO! Yay younger people and stuff!
But tomorrow is valentines day and there's a stop light party at 56 which should be fun. It's when everybody goes, and if you're taken you wear red, if you're kind of with somebody but willing to fool around you wear yellow, and if you're single you wear green. I will be sporting the color green, wooha...Anyway, I'm off now to enjoy this lovely day..knock on wood, and I will not be going into hiding as planned. Bring it.
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