Stand By Your Man (letsfaceit) wrote,
Stand By Your Man

Christine Danielle Bascetta
You have officially dropped to the same low as another individual I'm not very fond of. but i'd say you're even worse. You make her look like a saint....

I gave you too many chances. This one was your last.
You've officially proven to me that you have no idea what friendship is, let alone a good one. You're little act is cute, but it's only effective for so long. Have a great time with Derek. Austen may have acted psycho at times, but I probably would have too if I was him. You're sneaky, dishonest, and unbelievably untrustworthy. But now you've moved on to somebody just as mentally unstable, someone who can match your personality...
I stood up for Jessie that night to a guy who I knew was treating her like shit, and you claimed to know that too. I told Derek what I thought of him, I was straightup and honest with him. He didn't appreciate it, but I did it because I care about Jessie and I don't want to see her get hurt. She obviously has feelings for Derek, you know that and I know you do. If you didn't like derek as much as you claim, you would've been right there with me and wouldn't have bothered to give him an explanation. But you made the decision to give him the time of day...your intentions were clear to me from that moment on. So you hook up with him...the guy who's breaking one of your "best friend's" hearts. You get chummy with him, you hang out, and THEN, you tell him MY business. Why you chose to tell him about what happened between Joe and I is waaaay beyond me, especially since you knew the kid was upset about me standing up to him. He asks you for every bit of information you can give him on me, and you give it to him, so he can use it against me and make me miserable. Thank you christine...I'll remember that. Then you claim to go down and tell him to leave me alone...if you really cared about me, you wouldn't speak to the kid. You wouldn't sit in his room while he called his friend to see if I was lying or not.

Bottom line is, you crave the cock over friendship, and you win, that's what you get. So have a great time with him christine. I'm not here for you anymore. Don't ask me for help, don't ask me for sympathy, don't ask me for support...don't ask me for shit, i'll spit in your face before i ever do anything for you again.
Have a great fucking life. You crave drama, and sweetheart, that's what you're getting, so enjoy it.
I don't think Fallout Boy could have put it any better when they said:
Let's play this game called when you catch fire, I wouldn't piss to put you out. Stop burning bridges, just drive off them.
and a shout out to Taking Back Sunday for the wonderful line:
Best friends means I pull the trigger, best friends means you get what you deserve...

Watch your back you fucking cunt.
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