Stand By Your Man (letsfaceit) wrote,
Stand By Your Man

Deedly Dee

well...let us see...
I'm going to Rhode Island to see Jenn this weekend!! She's one of the very few people I still talk to from Clark, and pretty much the only one who I've always gotten along with. I think a small part of it has to do with the fact that we both hate Clark so much...unfortunately she's kinda stuck there. We're going to the Providence Mall. She says it's carpeted...I'll believe it when I see it. We're going to get our pictures taken on santas lap. This should be an intersting mall trip.

There's a lot of people I need to see before I go back to school...I'm not looking forward to the 18 hour drive again, but at least I'll have kate with me for half of it...although she can't move since she broke her right ankle a few days before having surgery on her left knee...not good.

I'm going to ride tomorrow. Mule is all better from his stone bruise...Mule is not a mule...he was just named by some strange small children. I'm excited even though my back is killing me. I would like a new back for Christmas if anybody can arrange that.

I'm really excited for my brothers to all be here on Christmas, but I will be the only one not bringing a significant other. I'll just be bringing my imaginary boyfriend...yeah! I rock.

I have a bunch of last minute christmas shopping to do...I feel like my vacation has gone by so fast! AH!
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